Ready To Create Positive Changes In Your Life?

Whether you want to replace old behaviours with positive new behaviours, alleviate pain, or conquer your limiting beliefs, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help you create the desired positive changes, faster than other psychotherapies available.

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Create Positive Changes In Your Life

Whether you want to feel better, perform your best, or modify habits, just tell me the goals and I’ll provide the tools to help you get there.

Modify Habits

  • Quit Smoking

  • Eliminate bad habits like overeating

  • Correct destructive behaviours

  • Quit biting your nails when feeling anxious

  • Silence negative self-talk

  • And more

Feel Better

  • Quiet anxious thoughts

  • perimenopause and menopause symptoms

  • Alleviate pain

  • Relieve stress and depression

  • Improve your sleep quality

  • Overcome phobias and irrational fears

  • And more

Perform Your Best

  • Improve your self-confidence

  • Eliminate negative inner voice and limiting beliefs

  • Recover faster from an injury

  • Improve your mood and increase your motivation

  • Personal Development

  • And more

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy
For A Better Life You Deserve

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is unlike traditional therapies. Many clients walk out of their first sessions experiencing a real difference. In just a few sessions, you can experience the desired results that would last for many years to come.

Clients came to us looking for help to solve issues like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social difficulties (i.e. lack of confidence, self-esteem, anger management)
  • Panic attacks
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Phobias and irrational fears
  • Trauma
  • Weight control
  • And much more…

With Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, you can deal with any of the above issues, and feel the difference in a relatively short period of time.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and fear. It can get in the way of life and leave people feeling overwhelmed. Those experiencing anxiety disorders have anxiety that doesn’t go away. If you’re suffering from anxiety, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help ease your mind and put you in control over your mind and emotions.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a serious mood disorder that can interfere with daily lives make you feel stuck. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective method of alleviating the symptoms of depression.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Social Difficulties

Do you find yourself lacking confidence and self-esteem? Or are you struggling with controlling your anger that has taken your loved ones away from you? If so, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help you solve these issues.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Quitting Smoking

You can use Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy to eliminate your nicotine craving and help you quit smoking for good. I’ll help you seed positive thoughts of the benefit of being a non-smoker to your mind, as well as what it means to you to quit smoking.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Dealing with the stress caused by a traumatic event and holding onto the resentment can get you drowned in negative emotions for many years. With Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, I can help you identify your triggers of trauma symptoms and tame the way you feel and/or react to them.

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Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Phobias or Irrational Fears

Phobias can either be developed from rational fears from a bad experience in the past or irrational fears that have no obvious origins. Regardless of the cause, you can tame your fear and stop letting phobias get in the way of life with Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are very frightening, not only for the person experiencing the attack but also for the people around them. It needs to be addressed, especially if you’re experiencing them regularly and start to affect your daily life. With Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, you can address panic attacks and cope with the overwhelming emotions you’re feeling.

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Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy for weight control that helps you correct overeating habits and reinforce positive behaviours that support your weight loss effort.

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In-Person Sessions

Create positive changes in your life by getting Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy sessions in a place that facilitates healing; Birmingham Holistic Centre. At this award-winning holistic centre, we’ll work together to help you achieve the desired changes and make yourself feel better after every session.

Online Sessions

When you need to stay home, don’t have the time to travel, or couldn’t book an in-person session at Birmingham Holistic Centre, you can book your session online. We can do the treatment via Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, or any other video call software you’re familiar with. Don’t worry, it’s as effective as working face to face.

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